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This dedicated website is the valuable channel which provides you updated information on the latest developments in game and application for mobiles located on KRV. All of them are in the local and international press and at the appropriate level inside the organization. New projects, press releases, and website improvements are some basic content types that we would like to share among our users and keep an open communication line with them.

Top downloaded games of KRV in 2016

These trends are indeed clear, and these numbers are right there. This year tablets and smartphones marked the grand inauguration as the gaming platforms. As a matter of fact, 88% of KRV traffic has been recently in some Android downloads. Such figure raises 10% points from a previous year with about 1.3 billion times of downloads only for the operating system. Up to now, we have compiled all necessary data as well as put together the top ranking of several most satisfactory and downloaded games during the year, comprising 10 most notable titles and 3 options for one genre.

Opera and KRV to raffle the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

With the hugely successful way of our previous raffle of Opera Software was, we have repeated it with the new contest that we are giving a lucky winner at least one Microsoft Surface Pro 4 valued at $900. If you want to participate, you only have to do at least three social actions which are written below to register our contest. If you sign up your account from the 9th to 23th of May, you can win without any geographical limitation. Your prize may be mailed to any place in our world. Let’s check out the conditions and terms below. Do not forget that you will have more chance to success if you perform more actions!

Droidgamers joins the cooperations with KRV

As you may know, KRV is one of the largest repositories named Android APK in the world. When it partnered up directly with DroidGamers, the users will grasp the chance to coordinate with a publisher and pioneer specializing on in mobile games of Android in the US. Being a part of such partnership, KRV may link reviews of DroidGamers to the game catalogue. Also, DroidGamers will begin to use APK widget of KRV, allowing the readers in order to download apps on Android without the posed restrictions by Google Play.

Top Blogs of Android in the US

Following App Annie, you may expect global downloads of apps to hit about 284 billion in 2020, doubling figures of 2015. Which role may blogs of Android play in such market growth? We explained the vision for the more unified industry of Android in the previous post of KRV. At this place, APK repositories and independent publishers work well together to assist people to discover as well as download apps with no barriers. We highlight below some Android blogs which always help you to stay updated.

Use the widget to start to link apps of Android on the blog

We put together the vast apps catalogue of Android that we manage and store ourselves on KRV. So the simpler you may feel to link directly to your content and blog, the better this tool is for you. To that fitting end, we created our WordPress widget which you may use to insert download links and info cards to all apps on the blog. Above all, it is legal, free, open, and does not leave you out. Each info card owns links to the Google Play page and APK file along with several interest details.

Treacherous competition of Google with other stores of apps

In KRV, we weathered all types of knocks right from its heavy weights. According to their complaints on Twitter, the users asked to remove previous versions came from the mobile client. This matter is indeed the largest advantage if you choose to use our service. Otherwise, the veto of Google came from official apps may force us to completely remove the app from Google Play as well as offer a more limited one than its original. Recently Google strikes with search results of Chrome for apps which are entirely unfair to your competition, giving the overwhelming preference when making downloads from the store of Google.