Jun 2, 2017

Travel Diary & Journal: journi Review



As far as you may know, Travel Diary & Journal: journi is the best companion on your journey. Let’s make your travel adventures unforgettable by setting up your own travel diary, trip journal or travel blog. What’s more? This application offers you the amazing opportunity to share memories, build stories, and experience adventures with ease.
What is Travel Diary & Journal: journi?

It is the easiest way to capture, share and relive your travel experiences. Travel Diary & Journal: journi is more than a travel journal and different from other social media networks. As a matter of fact, this application will show your journey destinations on your map. Let’s pin moments on a map to get an overview of where you have traveled, create your own blog and write down your adventures on vacation with Travel Diary & Journal: journi.
Great features of Travel Diary & Journal: journi

Share your best travel stories on social media
Collect stamps for new places visited
Let journi automatically build your travel story
Get a map overview of all your trips
Use journi offline wherever you are
Keep your travel memories save and sorted
Invite your friends to follow your adventures

Why should you try it?

The first benefit Travel Diary & Journal: journi may bring to you is to let your friends be part of your journey. You can make your friends participate on your travel adventures as well as your journeys on your favorite social media platforms with this tool. By this way, your friends can follow you on your trip.

Furthermore, this application helps you to collaborate with your friends and keep all your favorite travel moments together. You can save and create your journal with your trip companions. With Travel Diary & Journal: journi, all your travel moments are safe as your whole travel blog will be saved in the cloud.

Download Travel Diary & Journal From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.journiapp.journi