May 15, 2017

Zombie Castaways Review



Mobie game developer Vizor Interactive has launched a new game for Android and iOS platformed with outlandish destinations, thrill adventures, unexpected encounters, the ever-alluring treasures. With Zombie Castaways, no more eating brain, zombies also have a dream, becoming a human being to love, to be loved, to be accepted, to be respected. Let's explore the other side of the zombie world.
What is Zombie Castaways?

Zombie Castaways is the “friendliest” zombie game. Also, it is an offline game for 1 player. The central goal is to locate your agreeable partner, a human young lady.  To make it, players need to brew “Zombium” to change a zombie into a human by growing unusual plants, fruits, flowers, constructing and decorating their islands in order to cook up “Zombium”.
What are the great features of Zombie Castaways?

Full cast of funny characters
Various items, including plants, potions, treasures and more, to discover and harvest
The map is easier to use: you will see the last unlocked island first. No need to scroll a lot with the updated version
No download needed and 24/7 online access
The game is free to play on iOS and Android devices with in-game items available for purchase.

Why should you buy it?

Zombie Castaways is created for mobile devices is a natural fit for gamers of all ages on the go who are looking for a fresh take on zombies. The game could make your commute more enjoyable! Over 70 million players around the world play the game in 15 languages. Along the way, players will encounter various zombie-workers who help you. Explore manificent islands in search of new treasures.

Underlying this application is a romantic story. A friendly zombie falls in love with a girl and sets off in search for Zombium to become a Human. In Zombie Castaways, the world of zombies is vast, bright, and full of funny characters. Explore magnificent islands and make your way through the thickets to take a step closer to solving the Zombie’s secret. Grow unusual plants, fruits, and flowers to cook Zombium. Construct world famous buildings, complete tasks, and decorate your island to become a Human and find your Love.

Download Zombie Castaways From Google Play: