May 16, 2017

War Robots Review



There are many arguments about playing games. Some people think that playing game wastes time and have no benefits. However, research has shown that playing game increases the ability to deal with the unexpected situation. To practice this skill, attending into the fight is recommended. With this idea, Google Play presents new the game which enhances the reflex. That is War Robots.
What is War Robots?

Its name tells us everything. This is the action game among robots which each robot fight to win the mission. Players can play in the group of six people or individual. To win the battles, the team has to beat out all of the robots in the rival team which is chosen randomly.
What are the great features of War Robots?

Enormous kind of robots - 24 robots with the unique and amazing design which have various skills as well as strong powers. Furthermore, there are much supporting from the admin team such as the jump waiting time.
Unique and special weapons - Over 20 kind of weapons (such as plasma gun) which help players to fight in the different map.
Multifunction - The combination of robots and weapons is diverse which players can create their own robots.
Varied map – There are many maps with distinct terrain for players to have more experiences. With the new technology and high-quality graphic design, players witness the real feelings while fighting.

Why should you buy it?

Multiple players – Players can play individual or in the team of six people which you can invite your friends to experience the thrilling and fascinating feelings.
Free download – Players can get access to this game freely. However, to update new or special functions, players have to buy it in advance.
Well-designed robots and display - It is amazing when fighting in an incredible map with exclusive robots’ skills.

Download War Robots From Google Play: