May 11, 2017

City Mania: Town Building Game Review


Trying the City Mania: Town Building Game is your chance to become the owner of the most magical city in the world! Build, expand, and strategize - all you decide! But not only that! Recruit countless fun characters, add them to your collection and watch them make people appear on the street, making the city come alive!
What is City Mania: Town Building Game?

Welcome to the best new city building game! City Mania: Town Building Game will let you build hundreds of splendid buildings in your city and turn it from a peaceful little town into a thriving capital. Do not forget to decorate your skyline by building famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of London and Leaning Tower of Pisa (all devotees) to bring your city to the top of the table. List of tourist destinations.
Great features of City Mania: Town Building Game

Meet your new family - The cartoonists, any festival! Meet and collect countless funniest characters, such as the more powerful Sergeant Morecake and the tenderly built son, Forest Manley (who are just good at knocking their brows).
Build a water tower. Done! Building a fire station. Done! But who will drive the fire engine? Appoint the Bizzie in this position to help optimize your city. You can even go further in the game! Send them on a mission and they will not go back empty handed or help them to invite their friends to fill your city!
The future: the smart age, explore the miracle plane, even shooting "self-happy"! But now in the 21st Century as expected, with the ability to pair buildings into state-of-the-art skyscrapers and unlock the expertise.

Why should you try it?

There is a new trend named Grafting with City Mania: Town Building Game. Unlocking each type will allow you to grow the city in different directions and expand your collection with dedicated works such as Sustainability, Commerce, Education and Entertainment. Choose the one that fits your strategy the most!

Also, the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill. If you lack some essential resources, visiting the Market is an urgent part of your strategy. That's where you can collect extra money or find missing upgrades.

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