Apr 25, 2017

Timely Alarm Clock Review



Time is limited so we have to save every single second. For that reason, we created an incredible application for android which helps us to control and manage the time. This free app brings you the new experience of using time accurately. It is also connected with other devices.
What is time alarm clock?

Time alarm clock is the application to set up the time for Android. Time alarm clock provides the ability to wake you up or remind you important things. You can manage your schedule and timeline for your job.
What are the great features of Time alarm clock?

Easy to use – You just need to tap the screen to set 5 minutes. The keyboard is ended here.
Wake you up gently – this is made to give you the best sleep as possible. It also takes care of the way you wake up. The most amazing function is that it plays a slow and mellow music for 30 minutes before it wakes you up.
Always be on time – when you wake up, you have to do some active movements such as choosing the right shape. This function makes you activate your brain so you will not be lazy in the bed.
Synchronize your device – It connects with our tablet or other devices. In another words, when you dismiss your alarm, it will have an impact on other devices. You do not need to set the time alarm on your tablet, the alarm still performs perfectly. This is the great back up plan.
Express your personality – you can choose what color you want. It is easy to change the color themes. You will love this function because you design your alarm in every way you like

Why should you buy it?

Detailed alarm - this is the unique application with great design. You will experience the whole new level of time. The movement of the clock is beautiful and attractive. You will love that in the first sign. Time flows gently.
Simple functions - You do not have to finish a lot of steps. Just click and click and tap. That’s all. Waking up is much easier than in the past.

Download Timely Alarm Clock From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.bitspin.timely