Apr 24, 2017

Opera Mini Review



Nowadays, there are many great web browsers. You can easily download the web browser on the internet. But are you sure you are choosing the right one? Today, we are going to introduce an amazing web browser which helps you to experience the new feelings.
What is Opera Web Browser?

Opera Mini Web Browser is used for Android. It helps you to do everything online but does not waste your data. It is the quick and safe web browser for you to save a lot of data. Different from Google Chrome or any kinds of web browsers, Opera is the pioneer of technology.
What are great features of Opera Web Browser?

Avoid advertisements - Opera Mini has an integrated avoid advertisement system. Therefore, you can surf the internet without the annoying advertisements.
Add screen home - Add the pages which are used frequently to your screen home with only one click.
Save your favorite website - Click the button “+” on the taskbar to save your page to quick dial, bookmark or offline view
Update hot news - It is the time to start everything in one place. Let save your concern topic and Opera Mini will show the hot news about that topic.
The night mode - It reduces the screen light to save your eyes.
Support your search tool - Assign your favorite search tools
Synchronize your device - Access to bookmark, quick dial and open tabs which are from other devices

Why should you buy it?

Tracking your data - You can check your saving from the install menu. Moreover, Opera Mini saves your data
Multitasking - Open many webs at the same time
Private Browsing - We all have to the websites that you want to keep privately. If you do not want to save anything in your history, you can hide the private tab
Intelligent Downloading - Download the file on the surface and delay the large file until you access to the Internet. Opera Mini will notice you when the upload succeeds. Click the notification to open your download file. You do not need to find it in the folders.

Download Opera Mini From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.mini.native