Apr 29, 2017

Google Drive Review



There was a time when my computer was broken down. I lost all of my important files. At that time, I used many methods to store my files. I used USB but I always misplaced its position. After a long journey, I found my solution. I will show you a free application which has an enormous memory. That is Google Drive.
What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is safe storage for your files and folders. The main purpose of this useful application is creating, storing and editing documents. The great function is collaboration which let you share and edit documents (such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) with other members of the team. Moreover, it is a free app but you have to pay for over 15GB. It also allows mobile access, computer access, and tablet access.
What are the great features of Google Drive?

Online backup - With the useful function, downloading folders or files from your computer or smartphone is much easier. Furthermore, installing files from others which are sent to you by email help you quicker to organize your work.
Multifunction – Not only does it create documents, but also it transports these documents into the standard format such as .doc. You are free to edit and format the document.
Synchronization system – No matter where you are, you can continue to accomplish your work. In other words, it allows you to access from any kinds of devices and it saves your previous work.
Offline editing – the offline editing is processed unless you synchronize your files.
Why should you buy it?
Share and edit the document together – whether you are an individual worker or a team member, you always can enable to edit the document online. After each step, Google Drive will save your work and you can continue whenever you want.
Systematic management – you can manage and control your folders and files logically. Pictures and other documents are divided into groups which are easy for the user to figure out.

Download Google Drive From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.docs