Apr 17, 2017

Crash of Cars Review



Crash of Cars is a REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER game where your goal is to collect as many crowns as possible before getting destroyed. Collect power-ups, destroy other players, steal their crowns, and climb the leaderboards!

The first impression is the great graphic that seems like an upgrade of the old tank game. For the shortest describe, Crash of Cars is a mixed of Slither.io and Mario Kart.
Key features of Crash of Cars

4 Maps to enjoy REAL TIME Multiplayer battles
30+ unlockable cars across four different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
30+ Skins to customize your cars with. Pepperoni Skin on the Camper Van is quite a tasty choice.
16 Upgradable Power-Ups, including a flamethrower, cannon, trebuchet, and more.
Play with Friends feature. There’s nothing more fun than destroying your friends :)
Single Player mode also available

How to be champion?

The aim of the game is simple. You're driving around an arena that's filled with weapons and crowns. The more crowns you collect, the more coins you'll earn when someone blows you up. You can spend these coins on new cars. So the better you play, the more vehicles you're going to be able to choose from.

But there's something quite important missing here, and that's mayhem. You should be cackling like a loon as you play the game, smashing into cars left right and center. You've got no control over the speed of your car. Tap a button on the right to go right and one on the left to go left. When you've got a weapon, another button pops vehicle. Tap on that, and you'll fire a volley of rockets or drop a mine, depending on what you've managed to pick up.

Price and how could you buy it?

Price: Free
The game is now available on both iOS and Android.

Why should you install it on your phone?

If you are a fan of fantasy vehicles and competing against strangers and friends, this is the game for you. A significant upgrade from Slither.io while the fun part is still contained.

Download Crash of Cars From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.notdoppler.crashofcars