Apr 23, 2017

CAL – Google Calendar + Widget Review



If you are an energetic person in this fast-paced life, Cal – Google Calendar + Widget is definitely the perfect app for you.

Calendar + Widget is a tool which helps take full advantage of your time and make the most of your day. The app is designed to help you gain focus without the extra effort and keep track of life’s important event. Therefore, it balances your business and personal life in one place.
What are great features of Cal – Google Calendar + Widget?

- Review your day without opening the app.
- Set up time and location to remind upcoming events.
- Allow to sync all of your current calendars.
- Voice entry and predictive text to plan your day faster and easier.
- Easy to find free moments to use time wisely.
- Clean interface with beautiful background images.

How does it work?

Whether it is a busy day or a relaxed day, you can also have it totally clear thank to the app. The pop-up notifications which show on homescreen will change based on certain periods of your meeting (before, during, after) to make it the most of your time.Voice entry support allows you to add events simply by speaking.

It keeps your friend’s birthdays stay on top to congratulate them easily. Notably, the app has built-in Google Maps, Waze and Uber to get to meetings and events much more convenient.

Price and how to buy it?

You can get it for free on Google Play.

Why should you buy it?

If you suck at time management, not mention to effectiveness, Cal – Google Calendar + Widget will do you a favor on that. The app will rearrange your time to have an incredibly efficient day. Furthermore, what makes Cal interesting is its well-designed and simplicity.

Download CAL – Google Calendar From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anydo.cal