Apr 25, 2017

AirDroid Review



Android users do not need to plug in the cable to connect with computer. With the development of technology, the application of controlling android through the computer is created. AirDroid is absolutely different and popular. Now, you can control and access to many information from your android such as message, call history, watch the video or listen to music.
What is Airdroid?

Airdroid is the application for managing the Android system from the computer. After setting up the Airdroid, it will provide you the link to access your phone by the PC web browsers. Nowadays, you do not need the cable to get information from your phone to your computer. AirDroid will take care of that.
What are the great features of AirDroid?

Stimulation the notification – You can reply your message (WhatsApp, Facebook message, Telegram or Kik) from your computer.
Copy and synchronize –It supports you to copy picture and video from your phone to computer. It also share and save your information from phone to computer
Manage SMS and contacts – receive and reply SMS are much easier with AirDroid. Moreover, you can control your contacts through the computer.
Screenshot – you only click to screenshot
AirIME - It allows you to use your computer keyboard to type from computer to your phone.
Enhance the efficiency – it helps you to clear your memory which can boost up the speed of your phone.
Other function – it can locate your phone so you will not be worried when losing it.

Why should you buy Airdroid?

More concentrate – the screen of history call and the message is stimulated exactly the same size of a computer screen which makes you focus on the information.
Better connection –managing your android tablet or phone from the computer and use any apps on the computer such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Line.
Bring a high standard of living – Android allows you to get access to your phone or android tablet from computer or Mac without cable and totally free.

Download AirDroid From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sand.airdroid