Mar 29, 2017

Essential Guidelines On How To Use Facebook For Beginners


At present, the use of Facebook on a large scale has made it possible to connect to your buddies, any family member, old classmates or anybody whom you happen to know either accidentally or intentionally. It also enables you to connect with any individual who is staying far away from your residence.
In fact, many social networking sites have appeared on the scene and also have faded away gradually such as Friendster as well as MySpace; however, Facebook has proved its consistency over a considerable period of time. Nowadays, this incredible social network can boast of nearly 1 billion active users all over the world.

Perhaps you are trying to open an account on Facebook but don't have any idea of how to use it in the best possible way. In this article, we are going to mention a couple of important tips on how to use Facebook for beginners.
When you open the site, you will first arrive at the status updates of those individuals with whom you are already connected, any random sponsored content or any page which you have “liked”. If you like to draw any friend’s attention, start to type their name and click on it as soon as it appears in a drop-down menu. In case it does not work for you, you can type an @ symbol before the name of the person. You may also add your own personal videos and photos as well as tag individuals in the same manner. If you’d like to tag somebody in a photo posted by you, click on the photo’s face after clicking on the Tag Photo button. Start to type the name while the box shows up. Click Done Tagging when finished.

Also, don’t overlook the menu options at the bottom. “Like” will enable you to appreciate any post without making any comments. “Comment” is similar to “Like” but here you must add a comment. “Share” will allow you to share somebody else’s post with your buddies. “Hide” will be effective when you do not want to receive any comments or updates.

Using the privacy settings is another important aspect of learning how to use Facebook. You can find the privacy settings at the top of the screen in the padlock icon which will provide you with Privacy Shortcuts. This will enable you to select those who can view your activity and you may also block any user if you want.

The above-mentioned information on how to use Facebook for beginners is just the basics. There are many other options that you should be aware of while using this amazing social platform.

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