Mar 6, 2017

Discover the Features of any Smartphone You Want With the Phone Compare Application



Today, there are literally hundreds of smartphone brands available in the market. They are made by different manufacturers and have various features. These brands compete with each other based on their features. The ones with the most capabilities are able to attract a large market share.
As such, the average smartphone has very many features.This can make it difficult to compare different brands. Thankfully, there is a smartphone application which solves this problem. It is known as Phone Compare. Read on to learn more about it.

What is Phone Compare?

This is an application which is used to compare different smartphone brands. The app displays comparative information about the smartphones which you want to know about. All you have to do is enter the brand and model names of the smartphones which you are comparing in the application. After you do this, it will display all the available data about them side by side for you to compare.
Examples of the information which this application gives you include the camera, temperature management ability, internal memory, expandable memory limits, special equipment, operating system, screen size, screen technology, battery capacity, connectivity ports as well as radio signal transmission and reception. To further aid in researching about the smartphones in the market, this application gives information about how long the battery lasts. This is given in talktime and standby time too.

Other features which this application is able to display include the number of CPU cores of the smartphone, CPU speed, display resolution, the size of the smartphone, SIM slots as well as its physical dimensions. All these help you to figure out which smartphone is better in your comparison. In addition to that, special characteristics such as 2D or 3D rendering, special security features such as fingerprint accessibility, nework speed as well as its style of data and call access are provided to you by the application.

There are some other special features which the application can help you to review. They include the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), GPU capability and version, flashlight as well as the compass feature. Some smartphones have specially designed sound engines. Such details are also included in the data provided to you during comparison. These are the special characteristics that add to the functionality of the smartphones you are comparing. Every phone has some features that serve to identify it. Examples of these features are its IMEI, serial number, Android OS version and its special ID. Phone Compare provides you with these details so as to help you to make your comparison more thorough and satisfying.


The Phone Compare application is available for the Android platform. Last updated on February 19th 2017, it is in version 1.2 and has an improved privacy policy. The app requires Android OS from 3.0 going upwards. It has a content rating of 3+. Moreover, it has a user rating of 4.6. This is a pretty high rating. It has been installed more than 5,000 times by people all over the world to help them learn about the smartphone brands and models available today. Users are indicating that it is the best phone comparison application they have ever used. This app is available in Google Play for free. Phone Compare is effective and puts all the features of thousands of smartphones in the palm of your hand.

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