Mar 20, 2017

Boost Cleaner review


Is your phone overheated and needs to be cooled down? Or does it become out of memory? Boost Cleaner can be an Android optimizer to help you out. This application is considered a power boost for RAM, accelerator, game acceleration, battery saver, CPU cooler, garbage collector, cache cleaner, and APK uninstaller. Also, you can utilize it as a fast, compact and safe application manager.
Powerful Memory Enhancer

Boost Cleaner searches for applications that are using a lot of memory and forcibly stops them from improving performance on 60% as well as custom-designed phones. If you find that your phone is responding slowly, let’s use the Powerful Acceleration feature to speed up your phone.

By this way, it will stop working after the RAM/memory is cleaned up and accelerated. So, the stubborn applications will have difficulty sneaking up on reboot. As a result, the phone works faster, and the battery lasts longer.
Game Boost

Before you start the game, use Power Boost or one-touch acceleration to free up memory from other applications, which will improve your game speed by over 30%.

CPU Cooler

Applications running in the background always cause the phone to overheat. Cool your device with a CPU cooler that will find and stop applications that are using up your CPU so that the phone becomes overheated.

One Touch

The one-touch accelerometer button has been created for ease of use. You'll speed up your phone with just one touch. By repeatedly touching shortcuts, the speed and performance of the phone will be greatly improved. Also, when the memory / RAM usage on your phone is high, it will notify you when you need to speed up your phone with one touch.

Save Battery

If you find your phone is experiencing a rapid battery drain as applications start up automatically, or when the battery level is low and it is not convenient to charge immediately, simply open the Boost Cleaner to speed up and clean the battery-wasting applications. This app will stop working and the phone battery is saved. It is the best way to save battery.

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