Mar 4, 2017

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Compare phone indeed impress those currently in the know. The distinctive introduction of this new application creates a genuine and fair view for all.
Phone Compare general info

It is indeed a parameter used to compare two different phones. With some simple gestures, you can quickly make your own comments after reviewing comparative information. Also, there are additional applications for hardware update for Android with detailed information on your smartphone. Such updates include equipment, systems, memory, camera, temperature, battery and sensor details.

Thanks to the new idea, the application stings like one bee and floats like one butterfly. You can properly be an avid and excessive follower of Compare Phone for some years now. Then, all users could not wait to it launch out. It is an application that can sell itself. Entirely a choice I would make in comparing phones and when I want to decide the device to buy. It was somewhat bittersweet understanding that it would likely be your only scheme, though.

User interface

First impressions of this application were positive for me. The settings were snug as well as made me feel incredibly sturdy. Furthermore, the recent introduction of its updated privacy policy brought the application indeed secured yet offered more than enough flexibility when being used to pair with other phones.
Hardware parameters

This type of information can be classified into several categories as follows:
- Comparison of phones: select two products any phone and start comparing.
- Rating: display information and assessment points to the phone hardware (os, CPU cores, batteries, resolution, physical size, screen density, camera, ram, memory, sim slots, IP).
- Evaluation: evaluate or test hardware device with 2D, 3D, battery life, opening offices, selfie, security and network speed.
- Ranking: a list of the best mobile phones in 2016.
- Test the hardware: CPU speed test, camera, flashlight, LCD monitors, compasses (working or not).
- Summary: screen, screen size, utilization of CPU cpim, CPU cores, CPU freq, gpu, GPU version, hardware, models, wide size, manufacturer, RAM, internal storage, additional memory, Android version, IMEI, serial, id.
- Battery: health, education, energy, technology, temperature, voltage, battery capacity.
- Sensors: List of supported sensors.
- Device and System.

Additional information

The latest update of Compare Phone is on February 19th, 2017 with total Installation times from 5,000 to 10,000. Its current version of 1.2 may require Android 3.0+. This application of Network master owns the Rated Content Categorization of 3+ and overall reviews of 4.6 by more than 260 existing users.

Similar applications

If you have already tried the following: Phone Comparison by Specs of Bercoding Studio, Mobile Compare of MarketLytics, Smartphone Comparison of Carlos Sánchez, or Smartphone Compare by Specout of Graphiq, you will not be disappointed with Compare Phone. One of its most critical advantages is already resolved of trademark issues which you have to face when using an unofficial application.

In summary, Compare Phone has tiny raised treads that truly one of its favorite parts. This characteristic translates well to superior all of your control in even severe conditions.

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